Monday, 26 March 2012

About posts in this blog

Hi Everyone, I am writing this post to help you guys help me .
I have posted stuff from LFI,RFI,Sql injection, exploits, how to write exploits, how to use some tools, so, I am not sure what else can I post. Should I post more exploits of RFI, LFI, sql injection and etc ?
The way to exploit is "always" the same, the only thing that changes is the software to be exploited. What do you guys think ? Should I repeat posts for the same thing(LFI,RFI,etc) on different products?


  1. Post about how can hack wordpress, joomla, drupal, phpmyadmin, etc.

    That will be very interesting, and of course hack hotmail accounts, with different software hydra, medusa, etc.

    I like your blog

  2. Ok, I will post something about drupal and joomla then, because I already posted for wordpress and phpmyadmin.

  3. I'm a girl..i really like ur help me so much ^_^

  4. Hi neysa, I am glad that my blog helped you.